Wedding Potlucks: The Hottest New Trend?

Wedding Potlucks: The Newest Trend?

St. Louis, MO – In yet another shining example of Lutheran frugality and innovation, the wedding potluck is sweeping the nation.

No longer will guests be subjected to dried out chicken cordon bleu or tasteless roast beef. Even the traditional wedding cake is going the way of the dinosaur as wedding potlucks grow in popularity.

“I encourage all my clients to implement a potluck reception strategy,” said Lutheran wedding planner Bethany Thompson. “They save a tremendous amount of money on what is traditionally one of the largest wedding expenses, guests have a dramatically wider range of food options to choose from, and frankly, the reception area smells a whole lot better!”

What do guests think about these changes? Are they upset to see ‘bring a dish to pass’ on their wedding invitation? Are they offended by the notion of perusing through the countless options to find something that strikes their fancy?

“I LOVE potlucks!” exclaimed Diane Mason, who recently attended a Lutheran potluck wedding. “I made my famous cheesy hashbrown casserole and arrived at the reception extra early so I could plug into the best spot and see what everyone else was bringing. I ate a delicious jello casserole and had some double chocolate brownies for dessert. Unfortunately, I lost my favorite serving spoon. It was labeled and everything!”

There have been only a few notable failures. In one rare case recorded in Wausau, WI, each of the 122 invited guests brought either jello or dessert. In another unfortunate incident, a near riot broke out after the groom’s immediate family contributed only a grocery store veggie tray and fried chicken. These incidents, though, are overshadowed by a general trend: Lutheran wedding guests are overwhelmingly eager to actively participate in the wedding meal and experience the joy of sampling a wide variety of potluck foods.

Wedding venues have adapted to the changing circumstances. Standards features at Lutheran weddings now include oversized serving tables, hundreds of plugstrips, and gigantic subdivided paper plates so guests can sample as much food as possible.

Like it or not, the wedding potluck is coming to a reception near you!

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