Teacher Takes On Another Collateral Duty

Teacher Takes On Another Collateral Duty

Bismarck, ND – Board members from Holy Word Lutheran School confirmed on Wednesday that Miss Abigail Peterson absorbed yet another collateral duty.

Originally called in 2015 to teach grades 3 – 5 and music, Miss Peterson has steadily added more and more duties throughout her brief time at Holy Word. In addition to her regular teaching responsibilities, she plays organ, directs the handbell choir, coaches both volleyball and track, coordinates all field trips, and administrates the school crossing guard program.

“When Pastor Matthews approached me to ask if I could inventory and organize all the church choral music, I just couldn’t say no,” Miss Peterson said, stifling back a tremendous yawn. “It’s a privilege to serve. I’ve got a few free hours this Saturday night anyway.”

According to school janitors, Miss Peterson can often be found at school in both late evening and early morning correcting papers, lesson planning, or sleeping on the daybed that also serves as a reading corner.

When asked if Miss Peterson is taking on too much responsibility, school board member Harold Clemens commented, “Abigail is a tremendous blessing to our church and school. We’re thankful for her faithful service. She may occasionally fall asleep at her desk from sheer exhaustion, but overall I think we maintain a good work-life balance for our called workers here.”

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