Soloist in Hiding Amid Worship Fraud Allegations

Soloist in Hiding Amid Worship Fraud Allegations

Burlington, IA – Renowned local Lutheran soloist Dorothy Jacobs is hiding in an undisclosed location after explosive reports this week alleging deliberate and widespread worship fraud.

Outrage has roiled the congregations of eastern Iowa after it became obvious that her powerful and emotionally charged worship anthems including “Because You Loved Me” and “I Will Always Love You” were not sacred selections, but, in fact, songs by Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.

“I’m utterly shocked,” said former Pastor James Robertson. “Dolores brought our congregation to tears with her singing. I remember crying like a baby on the carpet next to the altar as she sang “I Surrender” during our Good Friday service. Then I find out it’s actually a secular love song? I resigned from the ministry yesterday. My conscience is in turmoil over this deception.”

Dorothy, a highly sought vocalist for weddings, baptisms, and even the occasional funeral, was renowned for her ability to reduce even the most cold and stubborn Lutheran to a helpless and blubbering mess of tears.

However, everything started to unravel after church this past Sunday, when suspicious members began to do additional research after hearing Dorothy sing powerful renditions of “All the Man that I Need” and “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” during the offering.

“She said it was an adaptation of an early Martin Luther hymn, but somehow that didn’t ring true,” said Eloise Morgan. “Words like “He fills me up, He gives me love, More love than I’ve ever seen” just didn’t seem to be referring to the Holy Spirit. I searched the lyrics online and was shocked by what I found.”

What’s next for Dorothy? In the short term: near certain excommunication. But as Elaine Jacobson discovered, there is always a way out for disgraced church musicians.

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