Shocking Allegations Leveled Against Local Lutheran Man

Shocking Allegations Leveled Against Local Lutheran Man

Creston, IA – Allegations of deliberate and repeated acts of chivalry, respect, and good deeds continue to pile up against local Lutheran man Thomas Patterson.

The shocking accusations have spread like wildfire through this close-knit small town as no less than 32 different women have stepped forward with their stories.

“Thomas shovelled out my driveway last winter after the big snowstorm,” said Jane Wilkinson. “I looked out the window and he had already finished most of it! I invited him in for coffee, but he said he had to keep going to help his wife get the kids ready for school.”

“I had just dropped my shopping bag outside Walmart when Thomas appeared,” recalled Elizabeth Hamilton. “Without a word he chased down a rolling cantelope and helped me put the rest of the groceries in the back of my car. I tried to give him a dollar for his trouble, but he was already gone!”

In the midst of the tumult, Thomas is said to be hiding out in his modest home, spending quality time with his wife and children while coming to the realization that his quiet Lutheran life of modesty and anonymity may be gone forever.

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