Save Money! How Your Church Can Cut Thousands on Heating Costs

Save Money! How Your Church Can Cut Thousands on Heating Costs

It’s an annual dilemma for many churches: how to stomach paying outrageous heating costs while balancing the ministerial needs of your congregation. We’re happy to announce that by using our simple technique, you can cut your church’s heating bill by 75%!

This exceptional solution is both deceptively easy and remarkably effective. As soon as the weather outside becomes cold enough to require heat, turn on your church’s furnace to a comfortable temperature.

Now, hold on a second! We can already the outrage! “Turn the heat to a comfortable level? How am I supposed to save money when I’m cranking the heat all the way up to where people are comfortable?” Calm down, calm down. Just keep reading for a minute and you’ll understand.

Beginning the next Sunday, turn the heat down two degrees every week. If you started the process in mid-October at a balmy 72 degrees, by January the temperature will be 24 degrees colder (a more appropriate 48 degrees). Think about those savings! The best part is, no one will notice! The change happens so gradually that your parishioners will naturally adjust by wearing warmer clothes each Sunday.

There is no minimum temperature you have to stop at, but we recommend not going below 32 degrees Fahrenheit due to probable interior piping damage and issues associated with condensation freezing on people’s reading glasses.

As spring arrives, just slowly adjust the temperature of the church to match the outside weather. In no time, you’ll be opening the windows and blasting fans in a losing effort to keep people comfortable in the heat and humidity while refusing the run the air conditioning.

Now, one key point that must be addressed. Absolutely no one can know that you’re doing this! Can you imagine the reaction from the congregation? At most, the strategy should only be known to the church council.

So this winter, try it out at church. You can even experiment at home! The results will be fantastic.

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