Same Family Late for Church…Again

Same Family Late for Church...Again

Fort Wayne, IN – Officials at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church confirmed today that the Monroe family arrived late for church again on Sunday.

“Good gracious me!” exclaimed Lloyd Andrews. “How hard is it to get to church? It happens the same time every week. They only live five blocks away. I could crawl here every Sunday and still be on time.”

In what has become a regular occurrence, the entire family of five sheepishly entered church while Pastor was conducting the invocation, interrupting the worship of the entire congregation as they made their way unnecessarily towards the front of church.

Witnesses verified the Monroes completely ignored the open seating at the rear of the church and instead passed by nearly the entire congregation on their way to sit down, distracting everyone who had arrived 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time to carefully prepare their hearts for worship.

“I had finally managed to forget about my financial problems, issues with my sister Bernice, and frustration with the late newspaper this morning when the Monroes came in late again,” said Elaine Miller. “All that pre-service meditation for nothing! I was so distracted I couldn’t even partake of the Lord’s Supper.”

A senior member of the Board of Elders confirmed the church is aware of the ongoing issue but that “we’re going to wait for this matter to resolve itself. I ask our members to practice patience and longsuffering as we fail to deal with this potentially confrontational situation.”

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