Pastor Finally Creates Perfect Bulletin

Pastor Finally Creates Perfect Bulletin

Port Washington, WI – After 27 years of repeated failures, congregants were elated to discover this past Sunday that Pastor Henry Schultz finally created a flawless bulletin.

“I can’t believe it!” exclaimed devout member and noted bulletin critic Delores Ungemacht. “He even fixed the margins I wrote him about last week! And…yes…here it is…let me measure quickly…the cover artwork is perfectly centered! Wait…let me page to the end…hmm…the proper copyright notation is included along with the song insert. Magnificent!”

The barely disguised tension lines disappeared from Pastor’s face as the last of the bulletin critics passed him spouting nothing but praise following the service.

“Hallelujah!” exclaimed Pastor Schultz as unabashed tears of joy ran down his face. “A morning free of grumbling about bulletin typos. Now if only I could make all the organist related complaints go away…”

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