Organist Credits Training After Miraculous Emergency Landing

Organist Credits Training After Miraculous Emergency Landing

Chicago, IL – Local organist Samantha Miller credited her musical training as instrumental after successfully landing Midwest Airlines Flight 742 on Tuesday.

It was every passenger’s nightmare: both pilot and co-pilot were incapacitated. The plane was running out of fuel…and out of options. The stewardess made a last ditch announcement: does anyone know how to fly a plane?

“I’d never flown a plane before, but honestly, how much more complicated could it be than playing the organ?” laughed Samantha.

Skillfully applying her training as a organist, Samantha effortlessly slipped into the role of airplane pilot – adjusting speed, altitude, pitch, and yaw while calmly carrying on a conversation with the air traffic controllers frantically directing her to the runway.

“Hey, cool it, okay?” she was overheard saying to stressed out airport personnel as she smoothly steered the commercial airliner one handed while on final approach to O’Hare. “Try playing Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons on a five manual pipe organ. Landing this plane is like riding a bicycle compared to that!”

Ignoring the staged emergency vehicles on the runway after executing a flawless landing, Samantha deftly taxied the fully loaded Boeing 757 to the assigned gate, safely delivering all 255 passengers to their destination.

To thunderous applause, she departed the airplane, organ shoes in hand.

“Oh, please!” she said. “Really, it was nothing…nothing at all.”

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