Free Will Offering

Hello, it’s me again! I’m your old friend the free will offering. I take many forms: a polished brass offering plate, meticulously cut wooden donation box, or even an old ice cream bucket with a crude slit cut in the cover.

You’ll find me lounging next to the coffee and donut table or being passed around by a steely eyed usher with x-ray vision who can tell how much is in your offering envelope. And yes, he is judging you. During any concert held at church I’m everywhere. The donation boxes blocking every exit create a fire hazard. Can’t you just imagine the people piling up against them as everyone runs for the door?

Anyway, feel that slight twinge of guilt when you see the donation button below? That is a completely normal and very Lutheran sensation to have right now. Just like you can’t pass by that coffee and donuts donation box without dropping in at least a dollar, please take the time to support The Holy Herald. We’d love nothing more than to continue providing good, clean, Lutheran humor, and your donations help us with the costs associated with running and maintaining this site.


The Staff of The Holy Herald