New Accusations Throw Lutheran Judge’s Confirmation Into Turmoil

Lutheran Judge's Secret Double Life Threatens to Derail Confirmation Hearings

Ross, ND – Potential Court Justice Anthony Carlson’s hearings have been thrown into turmoil as shocking allegations of blatant good deeds, excessive charitable donations, and acute unselfishness have made public through unprecedented testimony.

An explosive account from former secretary Anita Jameson confirmed one of Judge Carlson’s many secret payments to women and other coworkers – while strangely asking for nothing in return:

“Judge Carlson found out that I couldn’t afford to send my son Adam to the summer science camp,” confided Anita. “He came into my office one day and gave me enough money to pay for the entire camp! He told me not to tell anyone and said something about ‘the right hand not knowing what the left was doing,’ – whatever that means.”

A veritable treasure trove of court documents revealed similar widespread and systematic secret payments to no less than 145 coworkers, friends, church members, and complete strangers, covering everything from overdue car payments to roof repair.

Judge Carlson’s apparently ordinary domestic life was also full of hidden acts of kindness and chivalry, as this recently released eyewitness testimony reveals:

“I was walking through the Walmart parking lot at night when I heard footsteps coming up behind me,” said local resident Amy Madison. “I wheeled about and it was Judge Carlson! He offered to walk me to my car – he carried my groceries and everything. He told me not to tell his wife – he had snuck out of the house to buy her flowers.”

Judge Carlson’s silence is the most telling evidence of all. Rather than deny the accusations, he continues to hide out in his modest, completely paid for home, spending quality time with his wife and children.

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  1. If we only had such a choice for the current Supreme Court opening. By the way, when are you starting the new fund raising campaign to get Bugenhagen’s statue up at the Marktplatz Wittenberg. His puny statue at the Stadtkirche is insufficient to so important a church leader. Being at the left hand of Luther in the Wittenberger Marktplatz with Melanchthon flanking on the right is the appropriate spot.

  2. Awesome! You’re the first person to bring attention to reformer of old Johannes Bugenhagen. I’ll start a GoFundMe today for the statue. 🙂

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