Mysterious Fire Completely Destroys Screen Projector

Mysterious Fire Completely Destroys Screen Projector

Gravel Switch, KY – In an incident eerily similar to one reported in late 2017, it appears the Almighty has demonstrated His opinion on another controversial church matter with clear and decisive action.

In a chain of events deemed “completely impossible” by the fire marshall, the projection screen, projector, and all associated wiring was utterly destroyed by a mysterious electrical fire initiated by spontaneous combustion.

The recently installed projection system, used to display liturgical data and announcements, had been a source of violent contention over the past few weeks. Church elders reported verbal altercations, fistfights, and threats of continued violence exchanged over the implementation of the new system, dubbed a “sacrilege in the sanctuary” and “abomination to the Holy Scriptures” by several of the more vocal opponents.

“There will be no attempt to install another projection screen,” said Pastor Timothy Barron. “The Almighty has spoken and I am listening!”

There were no injuries reported in the fire, although falling debris crushed a nearby electric guitar and amplifier beyond recognition.

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