Metal Detecting: The Latest Lutheran Craze?

Metal Detecting: The Latest Lutheran Craze?

Champaign, IL – Lutherans everywhere are embracing a new hobby in the exciting field of metal detecting.

“It’s the best ever!” exclaimed Randy Davenport, a local Lutheran metal detecting enthusiast. “The metal detector is cheap, I get lots of exercise walking around, and yesterday alone I found $1.47 in coins! In three months, I’ll have the metal detector paid off and be making nothing but pure profit!”

Driven primarily by word of mouth, tens of thousands of Lutherans are jumping on the metal detecting bandwagon. Stores in Lutheran communities are selling out of metal detectors faster than they can be put back on the shelves. Crowds of Lutherans are blanketing parks, beaches, and roadside shoulders in the hopes of striking it rich.

“I already walk for an hour a day,” said Doris Dalton. “Why shouldn’t I make money at the same time? Yesterday my friend Elaine found five nickels and a 1962 silver dollar!”

So head out and purchase your metal detector today! Don’t worry, there are plenty of old coins, buttons, and 4.9 kg gold nuggets for everyone.

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