Local Soprano’s Church Mailbox Collapses Under Weight of Valentines

Local Soprano's Church Mailbox Collapses Under Weight of Valentines

Huron, SD – Local soprano Jennifer Henning confirmed last week that her church mailbox was completely destroyed due to the sheer volume of cards and love letters received from infatuated Lutheran men on Valentine’s Day.

“I normally average three love notes a week and two marriage proposals – more if I do a solo,” said Jennifer. “But even this was a little out of character! I already have the largest mailbox – what else can the church do? Everyone realizes I’m already married, right?”

The church mailbox was, in fact, just the tip of the iceberg. Jennifer reported sixteen bouquet of flowers, fourteen singing cards, and a mariachi band showing up at her front door on Valentine’s Day.

What’s to be done with all the valentines? Jennifer is planning on giving away all the cards to lonely altos, although she confirmed she’ll be keeping all the money for herself.

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