Entire Congregation Falls Asleep During Sermon

Entire Congregation Falls Asleep During Sermon

St. Louis, MO – Perhaps the sermon on Numbers chapter 2 was one step too far! Pastor Harold Bremmer’s entire congregation fell asleep during the sermon this past Sunday.

“I looked up midway through the sermon and everyone was asleep!” exclaimed the incredulous Pastor Bremmer. “I mean, normally I’ve got a few asleep, maybe even half the congregation on a bad day, but every single person? I had to drop my Bible to wake everyone up! They didn’t even flinch when I yelled ‘Amen!’”

The Board of Elders was unable to confirm the events due to the fact that every member of the Church Council was sound asleep, but video evidence confirmed widespread slumber among congregation members.

“He’s a good man, but his preaching could be better,” said longtime member Alice Benson. “That’s why I carry smelling salts in my purse…a huff midway through the sermon usually gets me through with no issues. Silly me, I forgot them last Sunday! I woke up during the Apostles Creed. How embarrassing!”

With three weeks left to go on the Numbers sermon series, worship committee members have devised an emergency solution: effective immediately, the heat in the church will be turned down to 58 degrees.

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