Crowd Goes Wild as St. Luke’s Wins National Ushering Championship

Crowd Goes Wild as St. Luke's Wins National Ushering Championship

Indianapolis, IN – Lutheran ushering fans everywhere cheered with unabashed excitement and delirious joy as the underdog St. Luke’s Lutheran ushering team narrowly defeated traditional powerhouse Word of Grace Lutheran to win the National Ushering Championship Friday night.

Word of Grace opened an early lead in the Bulletin Pass as the St. Luke’s crew floundered amidst a late breaking rush for large print bulletins, audio delivery systems, and personal pew escorts. Then, it was St. Luke’s turn to respond, delivering a dominant performance during the Offering Competition. After four more events, both teams stood tied and near total collapse in the midst of sheer mental and physical exhaustion.

The final event, Communion Challenge, kept audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end. Both teams threw up incredible performances: perfect scores in ushering speed, accuracy, and demeanor. Then, utter disaster! Word of Grace lead usher Harold Robertson, a dominant force throughout the entire season and living legend in the ushering community, permitted an individual with contrary views on transubstantiation access to the Holy Supper.

In an instant, it all was all over. As the final whistle blast sounded, the crowd of 50,000 Lutherans in attendance, waiting quietly as church mice throughout the event, let loose a collective cheer as the St. Luke’s ushers sobbed in a completely uncharacteristic show of emotion.

“I am thankful for our win, but all the more thankful for the fine Lutheran fellowship we have enjoyed and tremendous skill shown by our opponents throughout this competition,” said St. Luke’s lead usher Leon Andrews, blinking back the tears of joy as he spoke with typically restrained Lutheran humility.

The typical awards ceremony was brief and to the point. Then, it was on to the real reason everyone was there: the potluck!

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