Busted! Choir Disbanded in Midst of Lip Synching Controversy

Busted! Choir Disbanded in Midst of Lip Synching Controversy

Chicago, IL – Shocking lip synching allegations continue to pile up against the Lutheran Choral Singers in the wake of a disastrous Christmas concert Friday night.

The Choral Singers were in the midst of a performance of Handel’s Messiah when technical issues made it painfully obvious that the rich harmonies and soaring soprano solos were, in fact, previously recorded.

“I was wiping the tears from my eyes as the choir sang “For Unto us a Child is Born” when something went dreadfully wrong,” said Josephine Coleman, who travelled from Milwaukee to hear the iconic work of Handel performed live. “The music started skipping and repeating “a son is given” over and over again. Then the choir members got up and ran off the stage! After that, it was sheer pandemonium.”

Police had to be called to calm the outraged crowd of faithful Lutherans. Tear gas was fired into the throng as the more violently offended attempted to rush the stage in pursuit of the choir members.

What’s the fallout? Choir director Delores Price has already been excommunicated from her local church, a standard practice in cases such as this. The entire choir has been disbanded and all future performances cancelled. On a positive note, the Lutheran Choral Singers are accepting applications today!

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