BREAKING NEWS: Organist Arrested After High Speed Police Chase

BREAKING NEWS: Organist Arrested After High Speed Police Chase

Lafayette, IN – Local organist Irma Jacobson is being held without bail after leading police on a high speed chase on her way to church this morning.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it!” said church member Darrell Williams. “We were all sitting there wondering why there wasn’t any pre-service music, then Irma busted through the door screaming about oversleeping due to Daylight Savings Time. The next thing I knew police were everywhere! She tried to make a run for the organ but they tased her right in front of the altar.”

Police confirmed Irma’s dedication to arriving at church after oversleeping this morning.

“She rammed three police cars, one fire truck, and we’re all out of spike strips,” said police chief Mike Alexander. “The woman just wouldn’t quit! It took ten of my best men to take her down in the sanctuary.”

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Organist Irma Jacobson is at large after escaping prison. According to authorities, Irma was singing hymns in her cell when a massive earthquake struck the facility. Do not attempt to approach Irma, or in any circumstances block her access to an pipe organ.

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  1. Thank you for the laughs. We needed it so badly. Possibly because we laugh at Lutheran cookbooks and your news. Possibly because the world is so full of sad and depressing news… all I know is that this made me feel better. With love from an unrepentant Methodist who used to be a Zen Buddhist who got sent to Catholic School as a child.

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